I stayed at a wonderful AirBnB last night. It was so peaceful and quiet, set in a beautiful valley near Higashi Agano station.

Went for supper with my hosts Tetsu and Stewart at an onsen. It was nice to relax my sore muscles from the Mt Fuji climb. They had a salt scrub sauna , which I enjoyed.

The next day, after a wonderful breakfast outside, they drove me to Kawagoe. A town with buildings and architecture dating back to the Edo period. Here are a few photos.

Outside one of the buildings, on the way to Penny Candy Lane, there was an interesting statue.

While I was looking at a washroom, back at the train station, I came across a 100 yen shop and was able to pick up a candle/insense box Bob can use during the pilgrimage.

Afterwards it was nice to relax at Starbucks at the Kawagoe train station and have a matcha latte grande hotto, before catching my train back to Ueno, where I am staying the last two nights.

All and all, a beautiful last couple of days.

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