Arrived Tokushima Safe and Sound

After a long 12 hour flight from Toronto to Tokyo Haneda airport and then catching a connecting flight to Tokushima we arrived as planned.

We took a taxi to the business hotel Astoria and was glad they had our reservation. Thank you Masa for making all those booking calls. It is nice to just check in and get rested.

Was able to meet up with David Moreton and give him the osettai I brought from Canada. Since I was planning to ship my first aid kit with small jack knife and scissors, just in case it didn’t pass airport security, I thought I might as well fill the box with stuff from Canada someone might need and can’t get in Japan.

We took a walk to the train station and 7 eleven to get a bento box for supper. We then went back to the hotel to eat it and try to get some sleep.

Sorry didn’t take any pictures to post. Will take some tomorrow when we start to walk. Lots on the TV at the airport when we were waiting about the typhoon coming our way. We will have to see if we want to change plans or have the experience of walking in heavy rain. Will let you know how we make out on this blog.