Monday, October 3, 2016 – Temples 7 to 11.

Day started out with a wonderful breakfast. So far I have been enjoying the food as usual. Here is a picture of the foreigners that stayed at Temple 6 last night (From left to right:Kelly, Boback, Kim and Bob) and our our wonderful meal.

Since breakfast was at 6:30 am we were able to get an early start. I really liked the hand washing station at Temple 7. It was a huge rock. As well, always enjoy the many statues. Here are a few pictures from Temple 7.

As we continued it slowly started to rain and used my umbrella for the most part..At least it was cooler than yesterday but was still muggy.

At Temple 8, I noticed the elaborate Temple roof for the first time and some statues I liked. Maybe statues will be the theme of this pilgrimage. The leaves are changing ever so gently.

As we were preparing to leave Temple 8 a lady warned us of the pending typhoon and to prepare to take shelter. As we started to walk to to Temple 9, we heard ohero-san, ohenro-san. It was the lady who gave us three rice balls covered with red bean as osettai. It was  a little sweet and tasy.

At Temple 9, I liked the statues of the 7 lucky dieties.

On the way to Temple 10  we passed some rice fields where the rice was harvested and hung upside to dry. I always saw it being planted on my last two pilgrimages.

On the way to Temple 10 we left our bags at the scroll shop where I had my scroll made from my last pilgrimage. She said she remembered me -Arnoldo.

We then did the big stair climb. Only 443 stairs. Doesn’t sound like many, but it sure was, especially when you are tired..

We stopped at a wonderful udoon shop for lunch and since it was raining hard now, got to test my poncho.

Made it to Temple 11 around 4:30 pm. Temple 11 has a Buddha that was carved by Kobo Daishi.

We made our way to the minshuku and settled in for the night.

The latest news is maybe the typhoon will miss us. Borrow is supposed to be sunny and clouds in afternoon. Maybe heavy rain on Wednesday. So looks good for our climb to Temple 12 tomorrow.