Friday, October 7, 2016 – Temples 20 (Kakurinji) & Temple 21 (Tairyuji)

Today, the highlight was I got to meet Masako from the ohenro Facebook group. We had been emailing back and forth about the old henro trail between Temple 20 & 21.

The day started with early morning tea with Bob and we discussed today’s plan, as well as, how he was doing with finding the answer to my question I posed to him…. “Where is Buddha”. When he tried to answer I told him “Too much thinking” and he needed to try harder.

After a wonderful breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Kelly (from the Netherlands) as she was moving at a faster pace. I told her one of the things I liked about the pilgrimage is people appear, disappear and sometimes reappear. I said who knows she may reappear again during the pilgrimage..

It was a beautiful day on the hike up to Temple 20. On the way up we had a wonderful view of the valley below.

When we were on the final approach to Temple 20 I heard someone call my name. It was Masako who had tracked us down. We chatted for a bit and agreed to meet at the rest hut between Temple 20 and 21. 

I then did my Temple routine. Here are some photos at Temple 20.

On the way down from Temple 20 we ran into Masako who wanted to videotape us and interview us at the rest hut. After we had our lunch, she interviewed our impressions as ohenros.Then she asked if we wanted to do the old henro trail. She offered to drive us to the start from a shrine close to where she lives. Here is a picture of me with Masako before heading out on the old ohenro trail and some while on the trail.

I enjoyed the old henro trail and it was marked very well.

It took us about 2 hours to reach Temple 21, which is what Masako estimated. I like Temple 21 because it reminds me of Koyasan (the final resting place of Kobo Daishi) with all the high trees. On the way to the temple there was my Buddha statue.

Here are some more photos of Temple 21. 

We then took the ropeway down the mountain, since the only accommodations around is at the bottom near the ropeway station. We plan to take it back up and walk down another old henro trail tomorrow. When we went to buy our return ropeway ticket, which is usually 2475 yen, the lady said it would be 1200 yen to foreigners. We just had to show our passports.Bonus deal.

We found our accommodations ok and it was nice to sit in the onsen to relax our aching muscles.

Another great day and thanks Masako for all your help.