Sunday, October 9, 2016 – Temple 23 (Yakushi) & Temple 24 (Hotsu-misakiji)

I was awaken this morning again by the sound of heavy rainfall. Since the Business Hotel had a fridge I was able to buy my breakfast of yogurt and inari (Japanese tofu pockets) last night. So I had an early breakfast and headed to Temple 23, in the rain around 7 am.  Didn’t take any pictures as it was raining too hard.

We then headed for the train station to take the train to the end of the line. We had to wait another hour and half to catch the bus to Cape Muroto which we didn’t mind as today was a rest day. This allowed us to travel 90 km in one day verses taking three days.

The hotel we are staying at allowed us to drop off our bags when we arrived early. We then headed to climb up the mountain to Temple the rain. Here are some photos of the Temple I took in the rain.

At the Temple there was a large rock that when you hit it with a stone it sounded very hollow.

On the way back down we stopped to have a look at one of the caves where Kobo Daishi might have stayed..

We then headed for the Deep Sea World pool, where they harvest the saltwater from deep below the ocean and have all these massage jets, which helped sooth some of the sore muscles. We had a nice lunch there. 

We then walked back to the hotel and checked in. We have rooms facing the ocean. Here are a couple photos. The soothing sounds of the waves reminded me of Nova Scotia.

We had a wonderful Japanese style supper with lots of good things to eat.

Another early night. Have a habit of going to sleep early and getting up early..

3 thoughts on “Sunday, October 9, 2016 – Temple 23 (Yakushi) & Temple 24 (Hotsu-misakiji)

  1. Thank you very much for providing the photos and so much information about your journey. I look forward to reading all about your daily experiences. Love to you both, from Liz


  2. Arnold Joyce mother Kay had a bad fall Saturday and broke her both hips and wrist she in the hospital .I am enjoying all the nice photos on your site.


  3. Hello Arnold and Bob, my fellow o-henro. I am sad to say that I spent my last day on the trail Saturday, stayed the night near Temple 23 and flew back to San Francisco today (Sunday). Kelly caught up with Bea, Justine and I at the beach on the way to Temple 23, and we enjoyed Minami town’s festival Saturday night, my last night on the island.
    So good to meet you both. I will be following along the trail reading your blog; thank you!
    Wishing you both a fulfilling pilgrimage.


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