Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – Temple 27 (Konomineji)

Another wonderful day. Just before breakfast, while I was having my morning tea, there was a beautiful sunrise. It ended up be a nice day with a mix of sun and clouds.

Took a couple pictures at breakfast. The meals were very good. Could eat everything except the baby squid. The first picture is our two friends from Taiwan, followed by a picture of the group.

After breakfast, we hiked back down the mountain to the bus stop.  Just as we were nearer the end of the road from the mountain a very nice lady stopped and gave us some cookies as osettai. What a wonderful way to start the day.

We took the bus to Nahari station and then train to Tanohama station. At the Nahari station we ran into Justine from Montana, USA. She said she had to modify plans because of problems with blisters. From there all three of us hiked up to Temple 27. It was quite the climb. Along the way we could see newly planted rice fields with the latest harvest drying. They say by drying the rice first, makes for a better quality rice. 

At the very end of the climb it was very steep. Here are a few pictures of the Temple, grounds and statues.

We stopped at the small restaurant at the Temple parking lot and had some vegetable udoon. Then we started for our decent, which can be harder on the legs than the climb up.

On the way down, we were invited to rest and have a coffee as osettai. Pretty soon we were joined by two other locals. 

They seem to breed Japanese dogs. When the wife arrived home she let one of the pups out for a drink. Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet and pat the pup and she soon let another one out. So naturally, I just have to share some pictures of them, since being a dog lover.

I really like the new direction signs that are being installed. They are nice and clear in both Japanese and English.

Along the way, I was amazed by the color of the rice fields. So different from the I saw them the last two times in the spring time.

While we waiting for the train at the train station I noticed there were many greenhouses.

We took the train to Aki town where we are staying in a hotel. We said our quick goodbyes to Justine as she was going farther on for her accommodations. Before checking in I took Bob for a tour of a Japanese drug storm (kind of like Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada). I told him it was always good to see what we could recognize in case he needed a new knee brace or something of a medical nature.

Again another beautiful day on the trail. Looking forward to our walk towards Temple 28 tomorrow.