Friday, October 14, 2016 – Temple 31 (Chikurinji), Temple 32 (Zenjibuji) & Temple 33 (Sekkeiji)

The day turned out a great for walking. Cloudy and cool. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel at 7 am. So far the bookings Masa made for us are working out well. Thank you Masa for all your hard work in making the booking phone calls.

On the way to Temple 31 we walked thru a botanical garden. Most of the flowers were gone.

Temple 31 was close to the botanical garden. It had a beautiful pagoda.

I got a chuckle from the plaque about the temple good luck fortune cat.

When I went to do my Temple routine, there was a monk at the main temple saying morning prayers, which I found magical the way he was singing the mantras.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the statues.

Ever since I started walking there are these persimmon trees everywhere.We were served some as dessert at a couple places we stayed and they are so tasty. Here are a couple photos of the trees just full of them.

On the way up to Temple 32 we walked thru a beautiful bamboo forrest.

At Temple 32 we met two ohenros from Brazil. I had a nice chat with them.

Here are some of my pictures from Temple 32.

On the way to Temple 33, instead of walking on a high bridge, we took the free ferry. It is interesting that the Japanese are celebrating Halloween. I saw one home with the windows full of Halloween pumpkins. At the ferry waiting area there was a little Halloween display. It was very cute.

Here are some of my pictures from Temple 33. There was a farmer set up selling some of his crops behind the washing station.

So far my feet and legs are doing good. No blisters. My legs are sore at the end of the day and stiff in the morning, but no injuries so far.

A couple final pictures of the view from the hotel we are stay at this evening.

Today was a 21 km walk and tomorrow is planned to be a 22.5 km walk.

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog.