Saturday, October 15, 2016 – Temple 34 (Tanemaji ), Temple 35 (Kiyotakiji ) & Temple 36 (Shoryuji).

The day started off with another beautiful sunrise as the fishermen head out to fish for the day.

Since the bath (ofuro) was open at 5:30 am I thought I would go down for a quick shower. Usually the bath is only open at night. So I head into the same bath area as the night before. There was one other man there. All of a sudden a naked woman appeared with her towel wrapped around her. After some discussion in Japanese, I was given the sign we were in the wrong bath area. Appears they switched the male and female curtains, so we were in the one that was designated as female last night this morning. I know it sounds confusing. It always proves to make sure you go in the right color curtain, blue for men, red for women.

We headed out around 7:30 am for Temple 34. When we got to Temple 34 a big bus tour group arrived and I joined them in the Heart Sutra. Here are some of the pictures I took.

There was a row of statues with a beautiful red flowers growing alongside.

I really liked one of the nicely groomed Japanese trees at the Temple.

On the way to Temple 35 we passed many farmer fields. It was interesting to watch the farmers tilling the fields getting them ready for the winter.

On a previous day walk we saw this tall plant with yellow flowers. I wondered why farmers would be growing flowers. Then while waiting to see the weather on TV, there was a program showing farmers taking their crops to market and they showed these tall plants as growing okra. Since we came across the plant I thought I would check it out. Here is a picture. See if you can see the okra growing beneath the flower.

Interesting amongst the farmer fields  and greenhouses there were high tech solar panels installed.  Modern technology meet old farming technology.

Then there were the balconies with futons and clothes being aired out. Many Japanese use clotheslines to dry their clothes.

Here are some Temple 35 pictures with a view of Tosa City.

On the way down from Temple 35 there were trees with some kind of fruit on them. They were the size of grapefruit but when I felt one it was hard like an apple. So not sure what fruit it was.

Finally here are some pictures of Temple 36, the final Temple we visited today.

Of course there were lots of stairs to climb. Kobo Daisho loved being in the mountains.

We headed off for our hotel which has a wonderful view of the sea.

It was a warm and sunny afternoon. I stopped to get some sunscreen at a department store as my face and nose is getting sunburned. My Google translator app works great on my smartphone. When I showed the translation for sunscreen the store clerk understood and showed me where it was.

Had another great day walking. Feet and legs are holding up.