Monday, October 17, 2016 – Temple 38 (Kongofukuji)

What a difference a day makes. It poured rain in buckets all night, by the sound outside my window. I thought today would be another rainy day. We planned a kind of rest day with taking the train and bus to Cape Ashizuri, the southern most tip of Shikoku.

To my surprise, the clouds were gone and there was blue sky at dawn.

We went to the morning prayer service, followed by breakfast. 

At the Nakamura train station there was a picture map of the places to see in the area

The trains sometimes are very colourful. I tried to take a picture of the side of the train we took to Nakamura, the best I could.

A picture of our wonderful breakfast this morning. I must say the food has been superb. 

Temple 38 is a beautiful temple with beautiful walkways and statues. At the entrance there is a large statue of a turtle.

Here are some pictures of the Temple buildings, statues and washing station.

On the way into the temple, in the gate there were granite tiles where you could write your name and message, for 1000 yen. We decided to do one in honour of our parents.

So our names will be forever enshrined at Temple 38.

We then took a walk to see the lighthouse. The views were exceptional with the sea waves hitting the rocks. At the start of the path we saw this sign, which we thought said beware of wild boars in the area.

The cliffs were amazing.

We stayed at Temple 38 lodging and as usual the food was great.

Tomorrow we will make our way back to Nakamura by bus and continue our walking to Temple 39 and 40.

One last photo of the huge sceptre outside of the Kobo Daishi temple 38 building. The story is while Kobo Daishi was in China he threw a sceptre into the ocean. He supposedly found the sceptre lodge into a tree, which determined where a Temple should be built. Many Temples have replicas of the sceptre and you can see statues where Kobo Daishi is holding one in his hand.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and please forgive any typo mistakes. It is hard after a long day to focus my eyes on doing my blog entry. So I am trying my best, one day at a time. It is like when I tell Bob, don’t look up at all the steps you have to climb to get to the temple. Just concentrate on taking the next step. By concentrating on one step a time we will make it to the top.