Thursday, October 20, 2016 – Temple 44 (Daihoji) & Temple 45 (Iwayaji)

Today was a perfect day for walking. It was cloudy and cool. We took the train from Uchiko to Matsuyama, and then bus to Kuma-kogen town.

Here are some photos of the Takahashi Residence we stayed last night. 

The rooms were traditional Japanese style and we had the use of the entire house.

On the way to the train station there was a beautiful rice field with wonderful fall color and heavy laden with rice ready to be harvested.

We went to Temple 45 first and it was quite the hike up the many stairs. I was amazed to see an ohenro who must have been in her 80’s climbing the stairs that made me huff and puff. She reminded me of my mom and Auntie Laura who are in their 80’s.

As I took her photo she smiled. I ran into her later at Temple 44. I said hi and said I was impressed with her being able to climb the stairs. I gave her a Canadian flag pin and ohenro crest I had made. I couldn’t believe it when she gave me 2000 yen as osettai. I said no “too much” at first, but she insisted.

Temple 45 has a ladder up to a cave. I tried climbing up to the cave but decided not to risk it and fall, so thought a photo will have to to do.

Here is another photo showing more caves in the side of the mountain.

On the way down I stopped to take some photos of the many statues that I really liked.

At Temple 44 I really liked the sign above the Kobo Daishi Hall and the many statues as well.

A very good day, weather wise and we were able to make the right train/bus connections. We met foreigner ohenros from the USA and Australia and had a nice chat with them.

Tomorrow we plan to walk back to Matsuyama visiting six temples (46 to 51), so will be a long walking day.

Finally, I was able to take a couple flower photos for Auntie Laura, hoping her physio therapy is going well and for my mom, who I hope her hip replacement healing is going well.