Friday, October 21, 2016 – Temple 46 (Joruriji), Temple 47 (Yasakaji), Temple 48 (Sairinji), Temple 49 (Jodoji), Temple 50 (Hantaji) & Temple 51 (Ishiteji)

Lots of temples today. It was s great day for walking, cloudy and cool. We decided to take the bus from Kuma-kogen town to the Shiogamori bus stop and walk down the Shiogamori pass to Temple 46. Worked out the walk down was great on a narrow paved country road with switchbacks. It was much easier on the legs.

Here are some of the photos from Temple 46.

Along the way to Temple 47, we passed many orange trees and so many morning glories in full bloom.

Here are some photos of Temple 47.

There was a very friendly cat that came and joined us.

The temples were fairly close together. Here are the pictures from Temple 48.

I liked the washing station and cauldron for the incense.

On the way to Temple 49 passed some interesting statues and flowers.

A few more photos of the remaining temples.

There were also a few statues of the seven fortune gods.

When we arrived in Matsuyama we passed the Dogo Onsen, the oldest onsen in Japan.

On a side note, we passed this cute little orange car.

Hard to believe we are now in the fifty temples.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “Friday, October 21, 2016 – Temple 46 (Joruriji), Temple 47 (Yasakaji), Temple 48 (Sairinji), Temple 49 (Jodoji), Temple 50 (Hantaji) & Temple 51 (Ishiteji)

  1. Hi Arnold & Bob, I love today’s collection of photos. The statues with the knitted hats always make me smile. You are both doing so well covering all those temples. I hope the weather stays fair in spite of the forecast. Love from Liz x


  2. hi arnie
    reallly like the photos of the feet with the symbols written on ; please find out all you can about it…also i loved the turtle… slow but sure makes the grade….
    a little story fior you to ponder: i gave my 5 year old grandson $5 for good work at school; he was chosen best student of his class; he was not restricted in what to spend it on ; he decided to take it to church and spent $2 to light candles and say prayers for people…and save $3 for next Sunday…
    osambo gambatti


  3. Ishiteji is one of the best temples with so much art and interesting spaces. Good to see the cats are still hanging out at I think it was #48 or 49. You have probably had a lovely time at the Dogo Onsen as always. Keep on smiling and may the journey continue so well. Ashita wa ame ga nurimasu. Tomorrow it will rain. Walking in the rain is wonderful though. Cheers.



  4. Temple 46 you did the walking, your legs and feet mush be getting sore, it’s a lot of walking .Temple 46 photos are very nice, Temple 47 has many beautiful orange trees and morning Glories that is in full bloom and many nice photos,In Temple 48 has a cat that look like Mitten,the cat we use to have,she died of old age,she was 20 years old,Temple 49 pictures are nice with lots of beautiful flowers,the 50 and 51 temples are also very nice.All the Temples that you send so far are all very beautiful,the whole country is nice,Arnold look after your legs and feet with all that walking you are doing love Mom.


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