Sunday, October 30, 2016 – Temple 72 (Mandaraji), Temple 73 (Shusshakaji), Temple 74 (Koyamaji), Temple 75 (Zentsuji) & Temple 76 (Konzoji)

The morning started with a beautiful walk thru a bamboo forrest. It was around 10 degrees celcuis, but sunny.

Along the way, there was an abandoned car taken over by mother nature.

We ended up visiting Temple 33 first. They had some nice statues, which I had to take some pictures of. We met up with an ohenro friend from Tokyo.

There were also some more foot print statues, which I thought I would take a photo for Andre so he could continue his research.

There were also some more of the wind catchers made from tin cans.

At Temple 72, there was a nice older ohenro couple, with their son who was helping them get up the stairs and light their candle and incense. I gave them each one of my ohenro crests I had made up.

At the Temple they had a lovely flower arrangement. It looked like the flowers were growing like bonsai’s.

Here are a few more pictures of Temple 72.

On the way to Temple 74 we passed by a field with lots of eggplants growing.

At Temple 74 there you can make a donation and write the name of someone on small ohenro statues. 

We then decided to take a detour and go to Joyfull restaurant for lunch, since Bob has never been to. We then visited Temple 76 which was close by.

Our last temple was 75, which is where we are staying for the evening. They had all 500 of the statues the same as the ones at Unpenji. Here are some of the photos.

Tomorrow will be an early start with the morning ceremony at 6 am followed by breakfast. We are hoping to do maybe five temples tomorrow.