Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Temple 82 (Negoroji), Temple 83 (Ichinomiyaji) & Temple 84 (Yashimaji)

What a wonderful stay at the New Senpia Sakaide-Kanpo hotel last night, overlooking Sakaide City. After a nice buffet breakfast we headed out for Temple 82. 

Near the Temple parking lot was a statue of a creature called Ushioni with a write up about the history of the creature

Here are some of the temple photos I took.

On the hike down the mountain  to the next temple we passed a hut ohenros can stay in. There was also one designated for women.

On the hike down the mountain I saw this interesting bush with bright purple berries on it. Not sure what kind of bush it was but the berries looked like flowers.

Since, we had some extra time we decided to take the train to the closest station to Temple 84.and hike up the mountain. It was a hard slug, but at least the path up was nicely done with concrete and stone. Here are some of the Temple and statue pictures.

Finally, we hiked back down to the train station and took the train to the closest station to Temple 83. By the time we got there it was close to 5 pm, so had to quickly get our books stamped before the stamp office closed at 5 pm. I quickly did the temple routine and we headed off to buy bento boxes for supper at Lawson’s (the closest convenience store) before checking in to the Kirara onsen where we are staying. I was only able to take a couple photos of Temple 83.

Today we got to meet another ohenro from outside Tokyo who was doing it for his forth time and doing the pilgrimage in the reverse order (Temple 88 to 1). We have seen more than usual doing it in the reverse order. He told us it is because it is a leap year and the year of the monkey, by doing it in the reverse order  it means good luck for the person. Besides the Temple diety white slips they are also giving out special slips for the leap year.

Tomorrow we will do up to Temple 87. Then just one more Temple to go and then back to Temple 1 to complete the  pilgrimage circuit.

A final last couple photos of the view from my hotel last night and a picture of Mt Fuji that was in my room I liked, since I was able to climb it in August.

One last photo of the trail map we did today explaining how the trails are set up.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Temple 82 (Negoroji), Temple 83 (Ichinomiyaji) & Temple 84 (Yashimaji)

  1. Hi you two, I can hardly believe that you are nearly at the end of the pilgrimage. I know it’s been tough at times but what an experience. Take care. Love from Liz xx


  2. The new Senpia Sakaide- Kampo hotel look very nice were you stay Arnold, you had a nice buffet breakfast that was great..All the other photos you took are very beautiful too.The view from your hotel last night is real nice.I have appointment with Dr.Gerald Reardon tomorrow at 10:00am.I have to have my hip X-Ray first on the three floor, The X-Ray department open at7:30 am Dr.Reardon want to look at the X-Ray first to see how it is healing. Gordon and Joy is going to take me in tomorrow morning at 7:00 am. It will be soon six weeks since I had the hip replacement .I am going to ask the Dr.when I can start driving again,you will soon finishing all the 88 temples and be going home soon Arnold enjoy all the rest you will have to do, love Mom.



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