Wednesday, November 2, 2016 – Temple 85 (Yakuriji), Temple 86 (Shidoji) & Temple 87 (Nagaoji).

The theme for today is beautiful Japanese gardens.Yesterday, I had a headache for most of the day, which didn’t help with climbing mountains. Today, the headache is gone but still dealing with sinus allergies causing my nose to be stuffed up.

As I walked to the three Temples, I couldn’t help but admirer the beautiful flower gardens. Even though there may be little room between the house and the road, the Japanese have some beautiful planter flowers growing in front of their house and alongside their house. They take great pride in their flower gardens and wonderful Zen type gardens.

I couldn’t help but admire the morning glories again, that are in full bloom and nearing the end of their season. In some cases they took over entire fences, guard rails and trees.

We started at Temple 85, and decided to do the cable car. The view was nice. Here is a layout of the temple grounds and some pictures.

We continued onto Temple 86. There was a painting hanging from the Kobo Daishi temple depicting the ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage.

I decided to take Bob for the McDonald’s Japan experience, since it was on our way to Temple 87. As well, we stopped at the Marunaka grocery store and clothing store and Bob brought a new pair if fur lined crocs for his trip home. I think he has decided to leave his hiking boots in Japan. We have been jokingly talking about how to have a ceremonial fire ceremony for them, but since that won’t be happening, they might just end up in the trash.

On the way we passed orange Town which has a sign similar to Hollywood.

Along the way there was a local corner store, which you don’t see as much now with all the big chain convenience stores taking over (7 eleven, Lawsons, Family Mart).

Here is a photo of Temple 87.

Along the way, we met a very friendly ohenro and I said it reminds me of Bob.

Finally, here are some of the beautiful flowers and gardens that were part of my walk. I decided to take it slowly and take some photos, since tomorrow will be the final walk to Temple 88.

The leaves are starting to change colors.

I write this blog with mixed emotions that tomorrow will be the last temple before heading back to Temple 1. We have met so many pilgrims doing it in the reverse order, I feel like joining them to make my way back to Temple 1.

One last photo of a lone flower I liked which I have never seen before.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 2, 2016 – Temple 85 (Yakuriji), Temple 86 (Shidoji) & Temple 87 (Nagaoji).

  1. Thank you so much Arnold for sharing your journey. Spectacular scenery, beautiful flowers, fearsom statues to ward off bad spirits, remarkable archtectural and spiritual temples, buses of tourists and locals and the food…interesting to say the least. Turning around and going back again sounds, and must feel, very tempting!
    Enjoy the last part of this journey and keep smiling…you’re probably planning your next “reverse” trek.
    Stay well


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