Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – Osaka/Tokyo.

I had a restful few days in Osaka. I stayed at a wonderful AirBnB, not far from the Osaka train station. It was on the 27th floor of an apartment building and had a wonderful view of Osaka. The host was fantastic and had lived in Toronto for one year as part of the working holiday visa program. He took me to the local second hand shop (which I told him was very dangerous, as Cheryl, only knows so well) and I got to spend a few hours browsing the local DIY (Do It Yourself, like Rona or Home Depot) shop. I just might go back on Saturday and get some of the items I liked.

I was able to do some shopping, get my hair cut and plan my final shopping spree on my last day to get everything and pack it in a box to send back as luggage, since I only have my day pack with clothes from doing the ohenro pilgrimage.

As I write this blog I am on the high speed Nozomi Shinkinsen train being wisked from Osaka to Tokyo. I was able to get a matcha latte grande hotto at the Starbucks at the Shin-Osaka station before getting on the train.

Here is a picture of Bob at Starbucks at Tokushima station our last time before we departed. It shows my matcha latte grande hotto green tea favorite hot beverage.

When I search the internet it says “The maximum operating speed is 320 km/h” of the Nozomi train.


All I can say is the buildings just wisk by. Sometimes when you look out the window it is easy to get weasy.
Sorry, I didn’t take many photos while shopping in Osaka.

However, I was able to take a couple photos of Mt Fuji as we wisked by.

I will try to post some pictures of my Tokyo adventures.

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