Thursday, April 13, 2017

After the long flight to the Tokyo Haneda airport I was able to successfully pick up a data SIMM card and get my Japan Rail pass activated.

The problem was I was traveling into Tokyo during rush hour traffic. I never see the trains and station  so packed with people. Since the train I needed to travel on travels in a loop, I decided to go the less busy opposite way, even though it would be longer.. I finally made it to the capsule hotel where I was staying around 8:30 pm.

After I checked in and had a nice bath (called ofuro in Japanese) at the onsen on the top floor, I was able to get some rest, since I didn’t get much sleep on the train.

The next morning I was able to send my maple syrup gift via the mail to Taz in Osaka, one of my AirBnB hosts from my last trip who lived in Toronto for one year. 

I the got to have a walk in Ueno Park , where the Cherry blossoms (Sakura) were at there peak. Here are some pictures I took.

It was a beautiful day. Since it was mid week it wasn’t packed but there were some student groups visiting the park to see the Sakura.

Here are some more photos I took.

There were spots marked where people could put down a tarp and have a picnic under the Sakura.

Here are a few pictures of the Temple in the park and of a pagoda as a backdrop to the Sakura.

Tomorrow I take the Shinkinsen train to Osaka.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, April 13, 2017

  1. Great you arrived safely and the weather is good! Those are wonderful photos, Arnie!
    How long will you be staying?…and when can we expect you back?
    Yake care and happy safe journey.


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