My Autumn 2017 journey to Japan has begun.

As I sit here at the Ottawa airport waiting to board my flight to Toronto, there is always this nagging question. Did I forget anything? I figure as long as I have three things –  my passport, ticket and Visa card, I can buy anything I need in Japan that I might have forgotten at this stage.

As usual, I didn’t sleep well, thinking what was I forgetting. 

This morning there was pouring rain on the way to the airport. Just hoping the flights depart on time. It will be a long 13 hour flight from Toronto to Tokyo. 

I am not bringing a suitcase. Just my day-pack, as I will be carrying everything as I walk the Kumano pilgrimage. So being lightweight is essential. I did some checking to see if my small Swiss army knife in my first aid kit would be allowed as carry-on.  All I could find on the TFSA website is no jackknives in carry on, so decided to do a small box to check in as luggage to be on safe side. When I was asked what was in the box, I told them my small first aid kit with small knife. They made me take it to special handling because of the small knife. Hopefully it will make it to Japan. If not, oh well I, wasn’t meant to be I guess.

Will write more when I arrive in Tokyo.

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