Osaka sightseeing

Spent the last couple of days sightseeing around Osaka. Went to see the Osaka aquarium which was fantastic.

I enjoyed watching the penguins as the dove into the water and how they swam.

There was a huge tank inside where you started at the top and walked around it, until you finally got to the bottom. There were spots you could sit and watch the fish. Could have spent all day there.

There were lots of school children wearing different color hats. I took a few photos of them as they walked by and were getting their pictures taken by the Lego giraffe.

At the aquarium they have a pond where you can reach in and touch the stingrays and sharks, after you wash your hands of course.

When I arrived in Osaka there were young Japanese singers, performing at the station, which were very good. The difference in Japan is they are not allowed to beg for money. I guess they see it as a way to build up their singing confidence.

At the Osaka station they have this wonderful water fall that drops the water and makes patterns. It was hard to get a good photo of it.

Of course every day I have been able to have my matcha latte hoto grande at Starbucks.

I also visited the Osaka tower, which was interesting. I was able to get a day picture (even though it was cloudy) and a night picture.

All in all, a good couple days in Osaka. I have enjoyed staying with my Airbnb host Taz. Tomorrow I am going to try and take some pictures of the beautiful Christmas store window displays, which are very unique.

One thought on “Osaka sightseeing

  1. Osaka is beautiful city Arnold.the aquarium is fantastic,all the children with colour hats on mush belongs to different Schools. Some huge fish tank with with different colour fishes in it some nice.All the Penguins diving into the water that some nice.Thanks Arnold for sending all those beautiful Photos, Look like you are having a great time Arnold.Love Mum.


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