Kamikura-jinja Shrine

After a wonderful rest last night and nice breakfast buffet at the hotel, I walked to the train station and put my day pack in a locker since my plans were to climb up the Kamikura-jinja Shrine. It is halfway up the east side of Mt. Gongen where there is a huge stone (monolith) known as Gotobiki-iwa, where it is believed that the Kumano deities first descended. Under Gotobiki-iwa is Kamikura-jinja Shrine which has a panoramic view of Shingu city.

The steps up were very steep and scary at times especially on the way down. On the way down there was a Japanese woman stuck. Afraid to continue to climb up and to go back down . I told her not to look up or down but just take it one step at a time like when doing the Shikoku pilgrimage.

When checking the ohenro Facebook page there was a link to how to use the Goshuincho (book to collect stamps from temples and shrines) which I thought I would share:  http://www.tokyoweekender.com/2017/11/a-beginners-guide-to-goshuincho-how-to-get-one-and-how-to-use-it/

On the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage there are three main world heritage shrines which are part of the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is link with the Camino de Santiago in Spain. If you complete both you can get a dual pilgram certificate.

I walked back to the main shrine, stopping into some of the other temples as there were many along the way.

I visited Asuka-jinja  and collected another Goshuincho. The monk spoke wonderful english. Here are some of the photos:

I then hiked up a small hill to these old castle ruins. I was the  only one there and was able to sit and enjoy  the view (below), while I enjoyed a couple Japanese oranges, which are now in season and taste wonderful with no seeds in them and are nice and sweet.

The oranges  are sold everywhere in the shops since they are so plentiful.

After my walk and visiting the temples I caught my train to Kii-Tanabe, where I stayed overnight. I visited the Kumano travel office to get the bus schedule for tomorrow morning. The Ryokan owner was very nice and lived in Vancouver for a year to learn english. I will start the walking part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage tomorrow, Sunday, November 12, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Kamikura-jinja Shrine

  1. Dear Arnold Happy Remembrance Day!
    You had a wonderful day and what a steep climb up that rocky stairway!
    Take care !
    Wishing you Peace and all good blessings…


  2. What a steep climb up that rocky stairway to the mountain,be carful, Happy Remembrance Day Arnold. All the photos you took are beautiful wild you were up there,enjoyed the rest of your trip.love Mum.


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