Kumano Kodo pilgrimage – Day 2 – Monday, November 13, 2017 – Takahara – Tsugizakura-oji.

The Kirinosato Takarhara Inn was wonderful to stay at with a beautiful views and wonderful friendly staff. It was nice to rest and have a hot bath after walking yesterday.  In the morning it was beautiful to wake up with the morning mist in the valley below and the mountains in the background.

Here are some pictures of the room:

For supper they served local grown organic vegetables. For dessert they serve ginger sorbet. I must admit it is the first time I ever had ginger sorbet and I really enjoyed it since I like ginger. 

I also noticed when I walked thru the parking lot they had a EV charging station sign. I told them at check-in I was impressed with the two electric car stations they have since I have an electric car. 

A definite stay again place and since they had a 2016 trip advisor award banner I will be giving them a good review on trip advisor.

Today looks like a climb from 300 meters to 700 meters with a few uphill climbs and downhill treks. 

Well, the day started with a steady uphill climb on a beautiful cobblestone path.

It was a beautiful sunny day, which made it nice for walking. There are six Oji’s along the way. Here are some pictures I took:



Since there was no Oji, just the site where the Oji was, I didn’t take any photos of it. There was a nice rest area nearby.


There was an interesting jizo statue and a sign stating it is where someone died on the Kumano. I thought if I had a heart attack now this would be a very peaceful place to die.

I stopped at a rest area for lunch which had an interesting statue of a man riding a horse an cow. Later on there was a little shrine comemorating the statue with an explanation.


Again for this Oji there was only a stone comemorating where the Oji used to be.

It was here that I took a small tumble. My shoe slipped on a moss covered stone and my shoe drove my big toe into a root and I fell on my left hip. Luckily I landed on some soft moss and small tree branches which softened the fall. Amazing how such a small fall can throw you for a loop. When I got back up I could feel my big toe paining and my hip felt sore. I decided to wait til this evening to check it out. As suspected my big toe nail was a bit black on one side but was ok. I will see how sore my hip is tomorrow morning after a sleep.

Thank heavens no one saw me tumble. As a matter of fact, I saw no one else on the trail. It was very peaceful and serene. I enjoyed my walk and was trying to be careful around the roots and rocks.



I stopped at a wonderful tea shop next to the Oji and had a nice rest as I waited to check into my accommodation.

I took a couple photos of the beautiful trails.

There were some beautiful pink flowers growing on one of the stone walls with my shadow.

At one place they had some nice decorations outside with a welcome Kumano Kodo sign.

I stayed at Guest House MUI this evening. I was able to find it ok. Just before it there was a old cherry tree remains.

I didn’t meet many fellow Kumano Kodo hikers. Only two while I waited at the teahouse from Australia and United States.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for rain. After two wonderful days of sunshine I will see how it goes. Can’t compain. So far so good.

I had an excellent dinner. Here is a picture of the wonderful meal.