Friday, November 17, 2017 – Travel back to Tokyo

Breakfast was at 7:30 am and check-out was at 9:30 am. I headed to the post office to mail my Happy New Year’s 2018 post cards. The post lady was so nice and checked to make sure I did them ok. I caught the bus back to Kii-Katsuura to catch the train back to Shin-Osaka (4 hour train ride) and then high speed Nazomi super express train from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo (2.5 hour trip).

Today was a beautiful day to finish my Kumano Kodo adventure. The lady who owned the place I stayed last night was so happy when I gave her a Canadian flag pin when leaving this morning.

Still learning some of the features of WordPress. I see how you seem to be able to add video as media instead of a link. I attempted to add the direct  video media of the Nachi-no-Otaki waterfall from yesterday, but kept getting generic error messages, which was a bit frustrating and caused delays in trying to get this blog published.

The weather was sunny but cold and I had the perfect view of the waterfall today.

I had a couple hour wait for my train, so had a chance to walk around Kii-Katsuura town and do some sightseeing. 

Of course there are many vending machines in Japan. However, I usually don’t see many that serve hot food like this one on the right.

I walked down to the harbour and there was a nice boardwalk.

While waiting for the train and walking around town I found it interesting that there were parking lots for bicycles near the train station with lots of bicycles parked there.

I also came across a Home Renovation store with a small garden centre outside with some end of season plants on sale. So took a few photos for Masa to check out.

I was able to catch the Nazomi super express train from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo. I only had a 10 minute connection time in Shin-Osaka so was afraid I would miss it. I thought it was funny when we stopped at Nagoya that some one thought I was in their seat. I showed my ticket for Nazomi 38 train and pointed to the electronic board at the front of the car, which showed Nazomi 38. I pointed his ticket showed Kadama 276 and he was probably on the wrong train, which already left the station. I told him he best talked to the conductor, as I am sure he wasn’t the first person that ever got on the wrong train in Japan. Problem is the next stop was Shin-Yokahama near Tokyo. So if he was getting off some place before he was stuck on the train all the way to Shin-Yokahama.

It was a long travel day but I survived. 

Tomorrow will look at doing some more sightseeing around Tokyo and work on my last day shopping list.

5 thoughts on “Friday, November 17, 2017 – Travel back to Tokyo

  1. Hi Arnold,
    It is so nice to read your journeys in Japan. We are looking forward to see you at work next week. During your last bit in Japan, we thought you might want to know that the Xmas Xchng letter for this year is ‘D’ as dog. You might find some ‘D’ on your way back, who knows.
    Enjoy and have a safe trip back to Canada.
    Linda and the RL team


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