Sightseeing and shopping in Tokyo

After a good night’s rest I headed for Starbuck’s at Ueno station for my morning matcha latte grande hoto.

After trying my best to get my blog updated last night I gave up as the photos seemed to get stuck. I think it was my experiment with adding a direct video of the waterfalls. So, no more videos.

It was very busy around Ueno station. It was overcast with a sprinkling of rain.

I didn’t take many photos during my shopping adventures. Was able to spend a few hours at the Tokyo Hands store at the Tokyo station and get everything on my list. Lots of people shopping on the weekend.

There were lots of Christmas decorations everywhere as well.

One last day of shopping to pick up things I have added to my list and didn’t want to be carrying it around.

Hard to believe the trip is almost over and I will have to make the journey back to Ottawa.

4 thoughts on “Sightseeing and shopping in Tokyo

  1. Dear Arnie
    Safe journey back home to Ottawa where a small amount of snow awaits to welcome you back…
    I hope that you will be free for themovie at the Bytowne on Dec 26 as I m leaving for my holiday on Dec 28…
    See you soon


  2. That matcha latte grande hoot in the cup,does that taste something like coffee.The two photos are beautiful,the one photo with the Christmas tree in it is real nice, you will have to have a good rest before you go back to work.Have a save trip back to Ottawa Mum.


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