Haneda airport – on my way home

I checked out of the hotel and made my way to Haneda airport. When I arrived I purchased a bento lunch box at the 711 at the airport.

I went up to the observation deck and enjoyed it while watching the planes land and take off.

While I waited to check it it was interesting to watch some Japanese sword fighting that was being filmed. Not sure what they were practicing for. I tried to take a couple photos. Since I was early it was interesting to watch them samurai practicing.

Haneda is a hugh airport and enjoy being able to go outside on the observation deck and relax.

On the way to the observation deck they have a flight simulator you can try.

There was an interesting wall where for 500 yen you could buy a small wooden plaque and write a message and add it to the wall.

So, I will publish this last post of my November, 2017 blog, another truly amazing trip.

There was a display board with models of airlines that fly into Haneda. Here is the one for Air Canada.

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