All packed and ready to go

Hard to believe I will be off tomorrow to do the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage for my fourth time.

For the next 6 weeks all my worldly possessions will be in my day pack.

Besides my day pack I will be bringing a fanny pack which will contact the Route Guide book, my nokychocho – pilgrimage temple stamp book, my passport, smartphone, osame-fudo- nameslips, itinerary, and other miscellaneous papers/Japanese yen.

This will be the only two things I will carry, along with my walking stick which I will purchase at Temple 1.

Looking forward to enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms (sakura) again and meeting fellow ohenros along the way.

I am feeling blessed I am able to take this journey this time. Feeling thankful that my health and my work has allowed me to do the pilgrimage once again as I prepare for the next phase of my life “retirement”. Lots to think about and to be thankful for.

I usually don’t get much sleep the night before my flight, as it is hard to clear the mind instead of thinking “what have I forgotten”. My motto is as long as I have my 3 items (my checklist)……..passport, plane ticket and Visa card, I can get by and purchase anything I forgot in Japan

Thanks for checking out my blog and I will try my best to post some pictures of my adventures. Cheers.

2 thoughts on “All packed and ready to go

  1. Dear Arnie
    Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey… and a holy and memorable pilgrimage.
    With Love and all good Blessings


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