The joys of flying….

Well, as luck would have it, my flight from Toronto to Tokyo was delayed by two hours due to mechanical problems with the aircraft in Toronto, which meant I wasn’t able to catch my connecting flight to Tokushima. Since there were no more flights to Tokushima I had to stay overnight in Tokyo and catch the early morning flight. Oh, the joys of flying.

I have to say the Air Canada ground crew at Haneda airport were very efficient. Since there was also a medical emergency, the flight director told me we almost made an emergency stop in Ankorage Alaska. Since we didn’t, the aircraft had to remain on the tarmac until Japanese health official checked it out and determined we didn’t need to be quarantine.

After they gave the ok, we were bused to the terminal. When we arrived there were lists of connecting passengers names on the wall. Great, my name was on the list. There were lots of agents to help once you identified you were on the list.

They gave you a voucher to get 3000 yen for food, advised they were putting us up in a airport hotel and details of my flight the next day. It was well organized and efficiently run.

After going thru immigration and customs (which was a breeze once I told them I was ohenro doing pilgrimage and showed them the route guide book), I picked up a data simm card, 3000 yen cash from Air Canada and told how to catch the terminal bus to the local terminal, where the hotel was.

Once at the local terminal there were lots of people to ask for directions. The check in at the hotel went smoothly and the room was great. I walked to the Lawson’s convient store at the airport terminal to get a bento box and drink with my 3000 yen cash.

The hotel in the terminal is close to the ANA check in counter. I was able to get some rest and take a hot shower to prepare for my 8:45 am departure.

It will put me a little behind on my schedule walk, but should be able to make it to Temple 6 where I am booked to stay tomorrow night.

Like I say, the joys of flying. You never know what unexpected twist will be thrown at you. I was just glad the Air Canada staff at Haenda were so helpful and had everything arranged. It sure helps when you don’t have to call 800 numbers and wait in long queques. I will write a letter of thanks to the Haneda ground staff for a job well done.

Hopefully the rest of my pilgrimage will not throw any curve balls at me, but then that is what life is all about.