Back on schedule……

It was a beautiful day in Tokyo. 6 degrees. What a change from -10 in Ottawa. The ANA check in agent was so friendly and was able to find where my booking had been changed by Air Canada.

As I waited to board my plane there were so many ANA planes all lined up.

When I boarded the plane I was surprised it was a B737-800. I thought “oh no”. I was just hoping it wasn’t the same as the B737 max 8 and the pilots were experienced to handle any problems that might occur.

Needless to say it was a great flight. The plane looked relatively new.

Today is my start of the pilgrimage once I arrived in Tokushima I took the bus to the train station and then train to Bando station.

After getting my stamp book and Kobo Daishi walking stick, candles and incense, I was ready. However I felt a little rusty.

Because it was 12 noon and I had to be at Temple 6 by 5 pm to check in, I had to walk faster than I had planned. Here is a picture of temple 1, Ryozenji.

Here are a few other pictures I took.

Along the way the sakura (cherry blossoms) was starting to bloom.

All in all a good day. My legs and feet could sure a nice soak in the wonderful onsen they have.

One last picture of temple 2.

It started to rain near the end of my walk. I have learned the weather can change quickly in Japan.

After a nice dinner and ceremony at Temple 6 I updated this blog and hit the sack. I met a nice couple from Denmark at dinner.

Tommorow is a 23 km day but hopefully I can take it more slowly.

3 thoughts on “Back on schedule……

  1. Dear Arnie
    Thank you for being an ohenro once again you contribute to promoting peace in the world…
    Wishing you a peaceful journey and happy feet and knees.


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