2019-03-18: Day 4 – Day of Rest followed by some walking

Last night the temperature was -1, and frost was on the ground. In the unheated parts of the minshuko ( like the washroom) it was chilly. There were nine of us that stayed at the minshuku last night. Three ladies from Germany, my two Danish friends (Elsa & Jes) and three Japanese pilgrims. Here is a photo of the minshuku.

I woke up a bit sore, and I felt like I might have strained some leg muscles. As well, I had a bit of a sore throat. So, I decided to catch the bus to Tokushima and soak in the hot springs. Another ohenro joined me on the local community bus, which took you to the bus stop for the bus to Tokushima. I was glad the Japanese ohenro was with me, as I would have never have figured it out.

After arriving in Tokushima I walked to the Aratae Hot Springs and had a relaxing morning enjoying using the salt scrub steam room on my sore feet and muscles. I was surprised it was only 600 yen. Must have been the off peak hour rate.

Around noon I took the train to Kou station where I walked to Temple 17.

I then walk from Temple 17 back to Temple 13. I had to use Google maps on my phone to help me find the way, as I got mixed up using the Route Guide book. Thank heavens for modern smart phone technology.

I was able to make it to Temple 13 around 4 pm, so had enough time to complete the temple rituals, get my book stamped and take some photos. I really liked two of the statues at Temple 13.

Finally when I was getting my book stamped in the office, I like this ohenro figure, so had to take a photo.

I was able to check into temple 13 for my overnight stay. I was glad I opted not to do any mountain climbs today because I think it would have caused some muscles damage as I could hear my muscles screaming at me walking the 10 km I did walk with no mountains to climb.