2019-03-19: Day 5 – On to Temple 19

Last night I was awaken by the sound of heavy rain. Little did I know that the rain would continue all day, sometimes very heavy.

The morning temple service was at 5:55 am. After an announcement in Japanese around 5:30, I wondered if the time had changed. However, it must have been a wake up call. After the nice ceremony, breakfast was served. The head monk was from South Korea. She played a message from her son ( who is studying in USA) in English about the history of the temple. She is planning on retiring next year when her son returns who will take over from her as head monk.

I asked if she knew David Moreton and she said he taught her son English for many years.

With the rain still coming down hard I decided to take the train into Tokushima. I then took the train to Chuden station and walked to Temple 18.

The rain never let up all day. As I was slugging up the mountain to temple 18 soaking wet, I thought this was farther then I thought. What a miserable day.

After doing the temple routine with an umbrella in one hand, to try to keep out of the rain, which seemed to be pointless as I was already wet, I did the Arnold abbreviated version.

After getting my book stamped and all dressed to venture to Temple 19 where I was booked to stay, I thought it could be worst. All I had to deal with was being wet. My ego was getting the best if me. I am blessed not to be suffering from some life threatening illness. All I had to deal with was being wet. What is the big deal. After this change in my way if thinking I enjoyed the walk to Temple 19 thru a nice bamboo forest and trying to avoid the puddles. It was like being a child again splashing thru the squishy trail.

I was glad to check in and start the drying out process. They had a laundry machine and dryer I could use “free of charge”. So it ended up being wash day.

Needless to say I didn’t take many pictures. Only took a couple from Temple 19.

The temple ceremony was at 4:30 pm, followed by dinner. There are only three of us staying at Temple 19. One man was good at English and helped explain things to me. During dinner they wanted to watch Suma wrestling, Japan’s national pastime. They explained how it worked

After dinner, and finishing my laundry, I hit the sack. I hope tomorrow is no rain, as I have two mountains to climb to get to two temples.