2019-03-21: Day 7 – on to Temple 22 & 23

The forecast is for rain. Here we go again. I will take the ropeway back to Temple 21 and walk down a scenic trail to Temple 22.

The day started off overcast. I took the ropeway back up to Temple 21, thru the mist and clouds with Linda and Anna. We walked the Away Henro trail. When we got to the Kobo Daishi statue Anna was brave and climbed out to Kobo Daishi.

It was a beautiful hike even though it was overcast and only sprinkled rain.

I didn’t take many pictures because of the threatening rain. I was able to take one of the many statues along the trail.

At Temple 23 we met up with Sashin and Susanng from Victoria. It was like old home week. It was very Buddhist where people magically appear and disappear in your life. It was fun to meet and chat with them at breakfast. Here is a picture of the whole gang.

I then walked to the Aratano station with Anna and Linda. We took the train together. I went to Hiwasa with Linda and visited Temple 23 in drizzling rain. I the checked into the Business Hotel after buying a bento box for dinner at the Family Mart. As well I picked up some yogurt and inari for breakfast since there is a fridge in the room. It will be nice to sleep in a western style bed for a change.

2 thoughts on “2019-03-21: Day 7 – on to Temple 22 & 23

  1. Dear Ohenro Arnie
    Rain is also forecast for Ottawa if that is any consolation…Sitting in the kitchen drinking my big cup of hot water to start off my day… sitting beside ny two big flowering coleus plants…
    Maybe i can include it here to show you…you will need to imagine it as this blog does not seem to allow photos…
    Wishing you a good day…


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