2019-03-22: Day 8 – Temple 24

After a nice sleep in the Business Hotel I got up early and caught the 7:30 train to Kannoura station. I didn’t quite time it right because when I arrived at Kannoura train station/bus stop, I was told by this nice construction flag worker in English, the next bus to Muroto wouldn’t be until 10 am ( a hour and half wait). I should have slept in and caught the 8:30 train, like Linda and Nanomi we’re planning on doing. I found out later that Nanomi checked, so knew which train to catch. The bus station is under renovation so they have a temporary building where you can wait.

The bus ride was nice and when I got off at my Hotel stop, I went inside and asked if I could leave my bag. The nice man said yes and check in wasn’t til 3 pm, but I could do the check in now and leave my bag. After going thru the check in and paying, I asked this is the Misaki Hotel. He said no, it was the Geo Park Muroto, a nice renovated building into a hotel. He pointed to where Misaki Hotel was. Thank heavens he was kind enough to cancel everything and refund me. I checked later and this hotel doesn’t appear in the Route Guide but it looked very nice.

When I tried to drop off my day pack at Misaki hotel it was locked, so hiked up the mountain to Temple 24 with my day pack. Just as I started the climb, I ran into Linda and Nanomi.

Here are some pictures of temple 24.

There is a stone where if you hot it with a stone it sounded hollow. It is believed that the noise when you hit the rock with a small stone that it will reach the spirits that have passed away. I hot it a few times for Dad.

Here is a picture of Linda and Nanomi.

As I was leaving there was of course Un-gyo and A-gyo in the main gate watching those that enter the temple to scare off evil spirits.

They a fiezdy nio-zo looking statues.

I then walked to see the cave where Kobo Daishi was enlightened. I then waked to the Deep Sea pool and enjoyed the many water jets with the theraputic deep sea water. It was like getting a wonderful massage for you back, shoulder, legs, feet. It felt great.

I then checked into my hotel which has a beautiful view of the ocean with the sounds of the waves. It reminds me of Nova Scotia.

Today basically was an easy day. Tommorow I will do more walking.

Thanks everyone for your kindness and comments and support.