2019-03-25: Day 11 – walk to Koichi

I enjoyed sleeping in a western bed last night and have a nice shower in the morning. I slept in and left around 7:45 am, which is a late start for ohenro. This morning I was amazed there was this roaster crowing at 5 am. I thought “am I dreaming”, as it couldn’t be in the city. But sure enough he kept it up until after 7 am.

I had a nice walk along a cycling path, which runs along the coast. It was nice listening to the waves crashing on the shore. Reminded me of Nova Scotia.

Some of the cherry blossom trees are just starting to bloom. It must still be a bit chilly for them. I did find a couple in different stages of bloom.

While walking along the cycling path, who did I see sitting at a rest stop looking out at the beach contemplating life, but Linda from USA. We chatted and had a hot Royal Milk Tea and some of my ginger snacks I purchased the day before at the supermarket. We walked together for the rest of the day and had a nice chat.

Along the way we came across the famous pilgrim rest stop with I am sure, one is an image of Elly from the Netherlands.

There were all kinds or orgami on the tables.

Along the coast, there is this nice restaurant that hangs over the beach area. You can see it just slightly in the upper right corner in the picture below.

I was going to have something light for lunch, but when we saw the pancake dessert, we both said “why not” and slowly enjoyed it while resting our feet.

It was a great treat for all the walking we did today.

Along the way there were these different characters and lots of pansies (Japan’s winter flower).

As well there were a few tsusami evacuation towers, since we were on the coast.

I checked into the hotel and enjoyed a nice relaxing onsen connected to the hotel. I headed off to the Family Mart convenience store and brought a bento box for dinner and some yogurt for breakfast, since my hotel room has a small fridge.

Another great day on the henro trail. Tomorrow is planned for a 22 km walk, so will try to get an early start.