2019-03-26: Day 12 – Temples 28, 29 & 30

After a good night sleep and relaxing at the onsen I was ready for another full day of walking. It rained last night and was still raining lightly when I headed out at 7 am. It was a bit cool until mid morning, when i finally started to warm up.

Temple 28 had these beautiful statues that I had to just take a picture of.

As well, the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom by the stamp office. It was beautiful with the moss covered garden.

One last picture of the bell from Temple 28 with the nicely groomed shrubs.

Along the way to Temple 29 there were these beautiful pansies I had to take a photo of.

They were beautiful and brightened up my day, as the sun was now shining. The care some local resident took to take the time to plant them was amazing.

Along the way I ran into Linda and spend the rest of the day walking together and having brunch at the 711 convience store.

Along the way there were more statues that caught my attention.

As well as, some cherry blossoms next to a greenhouse. Much of the day was spend walking thru garden areas and greenhouses, which was nice instead of walking along busy roads.

At Temple 29, there were some school kids sitting under the sakura. I thought time to get rid of some of the Canadian pins I was carrying, so asked the teacher if I could give them to the kids. What a delight to see the happy look on their faces and saying thank you in English. One of the highlights for the day for sure.

A couple last pictures of Temple 30 to end the day.

Tonight I stay at the Chres Hotel, which is nice and a wonderful way to spend the night to get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

3 thoughts on “2019-03-26: Day 12 – Temples 28, 29 & 30

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    What a wonderfully beautiful day you had; wish you you a deep and peaceful sleep…


  2. Hi Arnold, it’s always nice to see the day through another set of eyes. You captured beauty in the greenhouses set in the flooded rice field. Yes, the children were a magical moment.


  3. Very beautiful photos of Temple,28,29,30 Arnold,on Temple 28 I like the beautiful statues, The Cherry blossoms, and the groomed shrubs that are well look after, Temple 29 has beautiful pansies,and with two more beautiful statues with flowers in front of them, It was nice to see all the school children and gave them some of your Canadain pins. All the other photos of Temple 30 are very beautiful too Mum ( Cora )


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