2019-03-27: Day 13 – Temples 31, 32 & 33

After a nice evening in a beautiful hotel, doing my laundry, enjoying the onsen (hot springs bath), having a wonderful breakfast, I set off for another day. The day started with a short mountain climb to the beautiful Makino Botanical Garden. Today is definitely cherry blossoms (sakura) day. There were so many of the trees in blossoms on the walk up to the Botanical Gardens.As well, there were lots of pansies along the way as usual.This morning there was also the most beautiful sunrise from my window.

At Temple 31, the walk in the temple grounds was so nice with the beautiful moss ground covering. Here are some pictures of the statues and pogoda.

On the way up to Temple 32 there was a beautiful bamboo forest.

The view from the top was stunning.

I really liked the collection of ohenro statues in the stamp office.

Here is a picture of the temple.

At Temple 33 there was a wonderful cherry blossom tree in bloom

It was a wonderful day to walk. Nice and clear, sunny and just the right temperature. I got to walk with my friend Linda again.

As my very last note, at Temple 33, it was interesting to see peas growing in bloom and lots of peas hanging. It will be awhile before I see this in Ottawa.