2019-03-30: Day 16 – Temple 38

Breakfast was after the 6 am morning ceremony in the temple.

Today was a rest day, as I decided to take train and bus to Temple 38. When we arrived at the Kubokawa station and was waiting for the train, there were other ohenro that arrived. One was Joseph, who was from Mumbai, India, where he owns a Japanese restaurant. He was traveling with a Japanese friend, Nobu, from Tokyo. I told Joseph I had visited India and asked if he knew of Sai Baba in Puttiparti. He said yes he did. I told him I had stayed there with a friend from Ottawa.

When Linda asked Joseph why he was doing the pilgrimage, he said he had a dream he was with Sai Baba who told him he would take a pilgrimage, which was a circle. When he searched the pilgrimage of the world, he found the Shikoku pilgrimage went in a circle, so decided to do it. He did up to Temple 31 last time and came back to continue the pilgrimage with Nobu.

When the train arrived it was very colorful.

Here is a picture of Joseph, Linda an Nobu on the train.

Here is one with another Japanese ohenro we met.

When we arrived at Nakamura station, we had to wait for the bus. Good things ohenro all have smartphones, as we are busy checking things on them. What would we do without smartphones.

Here is a map of the area we traveled down to Temple 38 – at the Ashizuri coast.

It was a little overcast when we arrived at the temple. However, the rain held off, and I got a chance to visit the temple.

Linda and I went to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat, before catching the bus back to Nakamura station.

Today was basically a rest day with not much walking, pretty well all by train and bus.

Tomorrow will be back to walking.

I was able to check in my room at the hotel and get a non-smoking room, which was great.