2019-04-01: Day 18 – Temples 41, 42 & 43

After another good night sleep and using my Japanese gargle stuff for my throat, I felt ready to hit the road.

Last night the hotel staff explained where there was a public bath (called sento in Japanese) nearby. So I went for a nice warm bath and got a bento box at the 711 convience store for dinner.

It was nice to sleep in a comfortable western style bed and that it was a non-smoking room.

When I headed out this morning the weather said rain clearing around 9 am. Well, all I can say, is not only was there a cold wind, there was also a cold rain. The rain pants I brought got put to good use. The problem is the sun would peak out for a few minutes, then all of a sudden you could feel the temperature drop and it was like this vortex hit with rain and very cold wind. I kept checking the weather forecast on my smartphone and the sun that was supposed to come at 10, kept changing, so never really showed up until late afternoon. On with the layers, and when it warmed ever so slightly, off came some layers. This was how it was all day. In amongst the sunny breaks I tried to take some photos.

There was a bed of nice daffodils, I passed, just as the sun was shining. So I had to stop and take a picture and count my blessings.

It will be awhile before I see daffodils in Ottawa.

Here are some pictures I took of Temple 41.

Here are some pictures of Temple 42.

I liked the one with the dog by the statue and it reminded me of Hanako and Chibi.

Finally, here is a picture of Temple 43 of a cherry blossom tree. On the way to Temple 43, the trails were closed, due to a major wash out. Even when walking on the highway you could see where the road had washed away in many places to one lane, and they were trying to repair it. I did try one trail but it was super tretrous. There were many fallen trees and trail bridges washed out. Very easy to sprain an ankle.

On the way down the mountain from Temple 43 there was a house with statues of Mickey and Minnie mouse. They must have been fans. It definitely brightened up my day as I had to fight the cold wind all day.

Tomorrow I will take the bus down to do Temple 44 & 45. Temple 45 is a hard climb.