2019-04-03: Day 20 – Temples 46 to 51.

The minshuko I stayed at last night was nice. I was happy to be able to have a warm bath to warm up. When I got up for breakfast at 6:30 am I figured I was the only one that stayed there last night.

I checked the forecast and it said -2 degrees. I looked out the window and could see frost on the car windows. I said to the owner, it is very cold and showed him the forecast, maybe only up to +4 today. However, he showed me what it would be in Matsuyama, where I would do most of my walking today and by mid day it should be +12. I gave a sigh of relief.

The theme today is temples and sakura. I did a total of 6 temples and every one of them had sakura in full bloom.

Of course I had to find a few tulips and daffodils in bloom along the way.

So, here are the photos for today with the Sakura theme in mind.

Temple 46 – oooops, no sakura, but colorful peace crane chains.

Temple 47

Temple 48

This is a Japanese ohenro I saw at each of the temples today.

Temple 49

A shrine along the way.

Temple 50

Temple 51

At Temple 51 I ran into the Dutch couple I met the day before and thanked them for turning up the temperature. They laughed and we’re glad to be staying in a hotel tonight.

I then walked to the Dogo onsen and checked with the tourist office on which tram I could take to the JR Matsuyama station, which is where the Henro House I am staying at is nearby. It was so easy, one tram, number 5, all the way to the end and the fare is a flat fee of 160 yen.

When I arrived at the Matsuyama train station there was a Daiso store on the 2nd floor (100 yen shop or dollar store) which I had to check out. I needed to buy some incense. I also found an incense plastic case (which I find handy and left at home), some white driving gloves to keep my hands warm and snacks. I had to resist on buying too much as I would have to carry the extra weigh. I am sure I will find one after I finish my pilgrimage and do the shopping part of my trip in Osaka.

The day started with me putting on every layer I brought with me. At the end of the day, all I needed was my long sleeve t-shirt and ohenro white cotton jacket. What a difference a day makes.

Tomorrow, the plan is to walk about 20 km and cover 5 temples. Hopefully this warmer weather will hold up.

4 thoughts on “2019-04-03: Day 20 – Temples 46 to 51.

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    Thank you for sharing all of the lovely blossom photos to give us hope that spring may be just around the corner…
    What a relief that you had good warmer weather…
    Wishing you a deep and peaceful sleep and ongoing health all the way the Temple 88 and home again…


  2. Timple 46 To 51. Arnold thank you for sharing all these beautiful blossom photos you took,and. What a relief that you are starting to have some warmer weather. Hope you have good health and good weather all the way to Temple 88.. and home again. Mum( Cora)


  3. Stay warm Arnold. It’s chilly. My fingers are stiff from the cold. I’m on my way to Matsuyama Station. Thanks for letting me know there is a 100 yen store on the second floor of the station. If it opens early I’ll look for a plastic case. Good tip. I loved the theme of cherry blossoms. ~linda


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