2019-04-04: Day 21 – Temples 52 to 56

Today was a sunny day. It started off cool in the morning and warmed up by mid-day. Around between 3 and 4 pm it starts to cool down.

I didn’t take many pictures today. There were lots of sakura in full bloom, but thought I have already posted a few sakura pictures.

At the end of my day, as I headed for the hotel to check-in, there was a park full of sakura with some pansies in front. So this turned out as my flower picture of the day.

Here are some of the temple photos:

Temple 52

Temple 53

Temple 54

Temple 55

Temple 56

At Temple 56 there was a small cherry blossom sapling, which will probably be a beautiful sakura tree in the temple in the future.

Since there was lots of sun, my nose and face got a little sunburned today. I forgot to bring sunscreen with me. Tomorrow I will wear my floppy hat to try and keep the sun off of my face.

I didn’t see any bus pilgrims today. There were lots of driving pilgrims.

Tomorrow will be another full day of temples. I still have this head and chest cold from when it was super cold a few days back. I would be walking and all of a sudden my nose would be dripping, as I race to get a tissue before someone see my runny nose. As well, I still have a bit of a sore throat and chest cough. I am hoping the warmer weather and taking it easier, will help shake this cold.