2019-04-07: Day 24 – Temple 65 and on my way to Temple 66

Today’s theme is osettai and peaceful meditation. My muscles were a bit sore this morning, so I walked a little slower and tried to take it easy on them. I felt better as the cold is getting better.

I enjoyed spending some time just sitting and enjoying the beautiful sakura amongst the Temple 65 buildings and statues. Here are some pictures of the beautiful sakura, which is in full bloom and a statue I liked. Just as I was leaving there was this bus group that arrived and they all marched in a single line led by a monk dressed in full pilgrim attire.

It was a nice walk along a shaded country road on my way to Temple 66, listening to the birds singing and the sounds of the morning. There was a beautiful view of the city below.

Before walking on the busy highway 192, I stopped into Bangai 14. These are related temples and shrines associated with the pilgrimage. When I got my book stamped the monk asked where I was from and gave me some crackers as osettai. There is a small jizo statue I really liked at the Bangai and nice statue of Fudo Myoo.

As I continue my walk up busy highway 192 with the trucks rolling by, there was a driveway where a lady was trying to pull out on the road. I stopped and waved her to go. Instead she waved me on. A man came out of the house with a banana and drink and gave it to me as osettai. I thanked him and before I knew it they disappeared down the road. Here is a picture of my osettai received today.

Along highway 192, there is a nice rest stop. Since it was a warm day, I stopped to cool off my feet and enjoyed my osettai. I am not sure what the drink was but it tasted ok and gave me energy. As I rested, I watched this farmer as he was using a tiller to get the field ready for spring planting.

Since I knew I would be too early to check in the minshuku (like a bed & breakfast), I was going to stop for a late lunch at this nice udoon restaurant that I was introduced to by an American ohenro, I met the first time walking. I was looking forward to tempura udoon for lunch.

I was a little saddened when I got there and it was closed along with other businesses around it. The water wheel was stopped and was in bad condition. I felt bad for the business of Shikoku, since this is not the first time I saw some shops closed.

Since I had two hours to kill before checking in, I didn’t want to sit by the busy highway 192. So I walked up this small mountain road with a small stream running. I found a path and walked along the stream and found a spot to sit and meditate on a rock in the small stream.

It was nice listening to the gentle flowing water and the frogs croaking. It was nice and cool, since the temperature when I walked through the tunnel said it was 21 degrees celcuis when I exited. I think the temperature sign is so drivers know if the roads are freezing in the winter. I saw a sign about adding chains to tires. It was a warm day when walking along highway 192. It was nice to relax, meditate and write my blog by the stream.

On my way to the minshuku there were these stuff birds sitting outside a building and some more fish kites.

It was another beautiful day for walking. Tomorrow is the big climb to Temple 66. Now I must get ready for my turn to have a bath (ofuro) and dinner at 6 pm. I have a nice room on the first floor with this stream outside my window with the sound of running water making it very soothing