2019-04-09: Day 26 – Temples 71 to 76

After a nice night rest and soak in the onsen for my sore calf muscles, I caught the free bus shuttle from the Kanpo hotel to the train station. I had breakfast with Diane (chinese American) from Washington, USA and had a good chat. She started the pilgrimage last year, so this year is is continuing from where she left off. She just retired last year and we talked about the transition to retirement.

The theme today is stairs. Like the song goes…….” How many stairs is there to get to Temple 71.”

When I got off the train and finding my bearings to where I could pick up the markers, who should appear but my 79 year old ohenro friend. He showed me where he put the Canadian pin on his Wasaga. I asked how the Japanese woman was who fell coming down from Temple 66 and he seemed to indicate ok.

He stopped to say prayers at a shrine, so I continued on. Not far along who should I run into but the Japanese woman that fell. She gave me a high five and smiled. I asked if she was ok from the fall and she said ok.

As I started my stair climb to Temple 71, I ran into two woman from Montreal, who said they were only doing bits and pieces of the pilgrimage.

I like Temple 71 because it is build around a cave with nice statues. I was able to sit in quiet and reflect.

As I started to head down the first long staircase….see for yourself…..

I decided to count the stairs. There were 108 in the long staircase and a total of 442 to get to the temple. So there is your answer.

As I continued on to Temple 73 and then 72 (I always get these ones order mixed up), I ran into the Japanese woman and 79 year old at Temple 73. Time for more high fives. Just before leaving temple 73 the 79 year old Japanese gave me osettai to hang on my day pack for good luck. Here is a picture of it.

Here are some pictures with the beautiful sakura still in full bloom.

And some of my statues of the day.

When I got to Temple 75 – Kobo Daishi birthplace, where I was staying, I brought a pin. When I asked what it represents I was told Kobo Daishi.

After checking in, I did laundry and at dinner who did I meet but my 79 year old friend. I gave him the pin I brought as osettai. One day I will find out his name.

Today I got to walk through a beautiful bamboo forest. Truly amazing.

Tomorrow calls for rain, so we will see how it goes. Today was a day of running into ohenro friends, even though I can’t speak the language, and climbing stairs.

3 thoughts on “2019-04-09: Day 26 – Temples 71 to 76

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    That 79 year old Ohenro has special significance for you…maybe his name is yours…
    Love the bamboo forest; the high staircase is like the one that leads to the mountain in Montreal off University street.
    Woke up
    To fresh snow
    This morning.
    Wishing you a deep and peaceful sleep and health and healing.


  2. Arnold that was nice you had a good night rest and soak your sore calf muscles. Temple 72 sure has a long staircase 442 to get to the Temple, When you were leaving Temple 73 that was nice the79 years old Japanese man. gave you a osettal to hang on your day pack for good luck. All those statues in the. photos that you took today are alway very beautiful, Arnold I like the Bamboo. forest,Arnold you did Temple 71 to 76 today that still a lot of walking, Love Mum (Cora)


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