2019-04-12: Day 29 – Temples 80 & 83

Last night and this morning the view from the hotel was beautiful. It was a sunny day as I started out for my walk wondering what adventure or other ohenros I will meet along the way.

The walk along the mountain top plain was beautiful with lots of sakura still blooming in the mountains.

The walk down the mountain was grueling on the knees. At one of the rest stop there was a nice view.

There were a couple statues I like at Temple 80.

I then took the train into Takamatsu. I thought I would drop by my accupunture ohenro friend I met before to say hi, if I could figure out where he was.

At the Takamatsu train station there was my favorite bakery called “Willie Winkie” in the station and a nice town clock outside.

I was able to find my way to my accupunture ohenro friend but looked like he was closed for the day.

I then headed off to Temple 83. On my way I saw a few Barber shops. I looked in one and he wasn’t busy, so I got up the nerve to go in and see if he would cut my hair, as I like it short when I am sweating, and it has grown these last few weeks. As well, I thought I would support the local business. I got the ok and I explained #1 on the side and half off the top. He understood as we spoke broken English and Japanese and sign language.

He did an amazing job. I like the hot towel treatment and it only cost 2000 yen, about $20 Canadian. I thanked him with a Canada flag pin. So today’s theme was haircut day.

Here are a few photos from Temple 83, statues, colours and trees.

A nice day walking. I ran into a couple ohenro but none that I knew from before.

I was able to check into the onsen I am staying at and looking forward to a nice relaxing Japanese onsen tonight.

Tomorrow will be a couple climbs to the temples.

3 thoughts on “2019-04-12: Day 29 – Temples 80 & 83

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    Thank you for the account of the relaxing haircut day…
    Here the snow is slowly disappearing …as we approach Holy Week.
    Wishing you ongoing health and a deep and peaceful sleep.
    Best Wishes


  2. Arnold you had a beautiful view from the hotel and a nice sunny day for walking today,you took some very nice photos from Temple 80,there was. a couple of statues that was nice,that I like. At Temple 83 you stop at a Barber Shop and got your hair cut and gave the. Batber a Canadian Flag Pin,that was very nice of you and also you took. a few more nice photos there. Arnold you only have five Temples left to do ,then you will be on your way back home to Ottawa. Wishing you a good night sleep tonight, Love Mum (Cora)


  3. Hi Arnold, a request for a photo of the new hair cut. I’m on the look-out for someone sporting a Canadian flag pin. Why half the folks on Shikoku must have the pin by now. Cheers, Linda


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