2019-04-13: Day 30 – Temples 84, 85, 86 & 87

Enjoyed the onsen last night at at 6 am this morning. As I was dropping off my key, who was at the check out counter but Marie-Claude from Montreal. She was getting them to make a booking for her for tonight. I am so glad and thankful Masa was able to make my bookings from Canada before I left. It makes it so much easier.

Since we were taking the train we walked together to the local train station.

Since Marie-Claude already did temple 84 yesterday, I got off before her to do my climb to Temple 84. It was a nice day, so made the climb and view nice. Since it was Saturday there were many non-ohenro also walking up to Temple 84.

Here is a picture of the statues and Tori gates at the temple.The view before the climb down was beautiful.I had to climb down and back up the mountain in the picture.There is a tram car that will take you up the last part of the climb, which I opted for. They give a 50% discount for foreigners who show their passport.Here are some pictures of Temple 87 with cherry blossoms still in bloom and a Japanese pine tree being groomed to grow a certain way.Today was a day of osettai. When I was lost trying to find the local train station, this little older lady came after me and explained where it was. She then gave me a paper with a note as osettai. Later I checked and it had 1000 yen note inside. Then at Temple 87, there was a bus group of ohenro. A lady broke away from the group and gave me an envelope (which I discovered later had 2000 yen in it). I gave her a Canadian flag pin and crest. We exchanged nameslips. Here is a picture of the osettai I received today.The kindness and generosity of the Japanese is truly amazing.

I checked into my minshuko, which is next to Temple 87, had my bath and ready for 6 pm dinner. They have WiFi so get to work on my blog before dinner.

Tomorrow is on to Temple 88, which is hard to believe. I am still trying to decide which route to take, the big Henro-korogashi hard climb or an old country road, which is a more gentle climb. I will see what the weather brings…….forecast says intermittent rain.

So will sign off for now. Another great day on the ohenro trail.

3 thoughts on “2019-04-13: Day 30 – Temples 84, 85, 86 & 87

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    Wonderful to hear about your wonderful day on the Ohenro trail once again…it was also a great osettai day, wasn’t it?! It is hard to believe that you are already nearing the end…let’s give thanks for all blessings throughout this holy pilgrimage…I will nevertheless continue praying for ongoing health, healing and protection and blessings all the way home again… and of course a deep and peaceful night’s sleep.
    With Love and Best Wishes…


  2. Arnold you had another good day for walking and climbing,today you will be doing the climb to Temple 84, a nice photo of the statues and Tori gates at the Temple. The view before the climb down was very beautiful Arnold. That was a nice photo of Ostta you received today, Arnold you did a lot of great Temples photos sence you started doing the walks,and they all were very beautiful.Tomorrowyou will be be doing Temple 88 . Wishing you a good night rest tonight. Good Luck Tomorrow Arnold, Love Mum ( Cora)


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