2019-04-16: On my way to Koyasan via Osaka

After a nice sleep and breakfast at the hotel, I caught the bus to Osaka on my way to Koyasan.

It was nice to sleep in, have a relaxing breakfast and morning shower. The bus ride to Osaka was great. It was a bus with only three seats per row. A window seat, aisle, center seat, another aisle, and other side window seat. It makes it more comfortable.

I wanted to take a photo but thought some of the other passengers and driver might object. I did manage to try to take a couple photos of the scenery as we drove on the bridges and islands between Shikoku and the mainland.

Tomorrow I will head off to Namba to arrange for my train ticket and two day Koyasan pass.

3 thoughts on “2019-04-16: On my way to Koyasan via Osaka

  1. Arnold it was nice you had a nice sleep and sleep in,with all the walking and. climbing you did the last few weeks,you did take a couple photos of the scenery. from the bus as you drove on the bridges and Islands between Shkoki and the mainland that is very nice.enjoyed the rest of the time you are there, Love Mum ( Cora)


  2. Wow Arnold, thanks very much for taking the time to share your experiences and thoughts. It’s truly a daily pleasure for me to check in with you. Just finished 3 weeks in Victoria helping mom “downsize” and move to her new 1 bed apt. Your thoughts, and observations of the beauty and kindness in the world is always a wonderful affirmation! I do hope your journey continues to feed your spirit. Stay well!


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