2019-04-17/18: Osaka shopping and making arrangements to get to Koyasan

After a good sleep I headed off to Namba station to get the special two day rail/bus pass for Koyasan. I decided to take the 10 am limited express train which would get me in Koyasan around 11:30 am.

The scenery on the train ride was beautiful looking down the valley below.

It was nice to visit Kobo Daishi tomb and get my final stamp. It was a beautiful day and the walk through the Okunoin was impressive. Here are some photos:

Here is a picture to the temple bridge. After the bridge photos are prohibited because it is a sacred site.

The was one tomb where on ohenro hat was hanging in memory of a nun.

A nice day to explore Koyasan. Tonight I will do the night tour of the Okunoin and up at 5 am to go to the 6 am morning ceremony, since it takes about 40 minutes to walk to the temple.

3 thoughts on “2019-04-17/18: Osaka shopping and making arrangements to get to Koyasan

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    Glad to hear from you again and to see the lovely sights…Rain in the night and in the morning here… should continue tomorrow; typical Holy Week up until Good Friday we can always expect inclement weather…
    Wishing you a deep and peaceful sleep.


  2. I continue to follow in your footsteps. As arranged I joined a couple from Nara and we drove to Koyasan. I was not prepared expanse of temples, shrines, and supportive building all surrounded be enormous mountains. For myself, I found the absence of cameras at the sacred sight better allowed me to focus on the power of the place and of Kōbō Daishi. presence. ~linda


  3. Arnold Kouassan is a very beautiful place,also the scinery looking down the valley. on the train was very nice,you also visit Kobo Daishe and walk though the Okunoin. that was nice too.I like all the statues,that a nice photo Temple Bridge,that tomb on. Ohenro hat hanging in memory of a num, was nice also,Arnold thank for taken all. nice photos,you alway do a great job taking them,and I alway enjoyed looking at them. Enjoy the rest of your stay while you are there,Love Mum ( Cora )


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