2019-04-23: Osaka shopping

Spent the last couple days shopping I Osaka. After getting lost a couple times (even using Google maps) and walking around circles I found a huge Daiso (dollar) store.

After a couple of hours of shopping, I managed a couple bags of items.

Close to my hotel is supermarket I have shopped at before. I was able to pick up the food items like seaweed, rice sprinkles, matcha latte powder, snacks, and other Japanese food items not available in Canada. I was able to pick up a box to pack the stuff in And ship on the plane as my suitcase.

Yesterday was relaxing day. I went to see the Osaka aquarium which has a large fish tank which must be over 4 stories high.

Here are some pictures:

There were penquins and Japanese otters. Here is a picture of the otters :

After a nice time at the aquarium I went to one of Osaka largest onsen called Spa World. It was huge and you can easily spent the day there using the many hot springs pools, swimming pool, relaxation area and food court.

It was a nice relaxing day. Tomorrow I will take the bus back to Tokushima to catch my flight back to Canada.