Friday, April 21, 2017 -Tokyo

Spent the day shopping and exploring Tokyo. Stayed at an interesting onsen last night. There were lots of people there. It was kind of like an amusement park where there was a central area with everyone wearing their yukata. You could go to the onsen and soak for awhile, get a massage, have a rest on hot stones or go for fish therapy (where you have these small fish biting  at your feet to remove the dead skin). In the main food court central area there were games  for kids to play, souvenir shops and every kind of Japanese food imagable. There was a huge display of Japanese characters everyone was taking pictures of in the center of the main food court.

Went to the Tokyo aquarium which was on top of an office tower. I thought at first it would be small but ended up being  very large. Here are some of the pictures of the amazing display of fish.

At one point there was a diver who got into the biggest tank and swam around playing with and feeding the fish. It was interesting to watch the show.

In the outside part of the aquarium there were seals and they did a show with them.

I then went to the Tokyo city hall building where they have an observation area on the 45th floor. It ended being a cloudy afternoon so didn’t end up taking any pictures. 

I then headed off to check into my capsule hotel I stayed at before, since I have to be at the bus rendeavous point at 7:30 am. The capsule hotel is close by and cheap.

Tomorrow I am on an English tour of the base of Mt Fuji to see the sakura and other attractions, so I have to up early to catch my bus.

2 thoughts on “Friday, April 21, 2017 -Tokyo

  1. Arnie, you are having such an amazing time! I can imagine the tiny fish tickling your feet…
    Enjoy all the sights and sounds…


  2. All the photos of the different kinds of fish are beautiful,all the other photos are nice too,enjoy the rest of your trip,I think you are having a great time,love Mum.


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