2019-03-29: Day 15 – Temple 37

After crashing last night after dinner, I was up this morning around 4:30 am. My leg muscles are a bit sore from the long walk yesterday, but after a nice shower and little stretching they are not screaming at me as much as when I got up.

Today is an easier day, only about 14 km. After 6:30 am breakfast the hotel had a shuttle bus at 6:50 am, which took us to catch the 7:10 am ferry.

The ferry cuts off a large amount of walking today and it goes along different stops along the inland bay. You get to see things from a water perspective. Being a NS Mariner, it is nice to see things from the water and reminded me of trips out in Kevin’s (my younger bro) cape cod boat when I visit Nova Scotia.When we arrived at the ferry there were nine of us on the boat. I took the opportunity to give each of them one of my ohenro crests.

When we got off the small ferry boat, there was a line of us walking. Last night’s dinner at Sanyo-so was amazing. Here is a picture of Linda admiring her dinner, as we try to figure out where to start first. So many dishes.

Of course there were many trees in blossoms, which I just had to take some photos. I love the beautiful cherry blossoms blending in with the Japanese architecture.

Since I had some extra time, I decided to lighten my pack and send a parcel back home. It was a lesson in humility, as I used Google translate to explain what I wanted to do. After buying a small box for 100 yen, I was able to fill it with a kilogram of stuff, which meant one less kilogram I had to carry. I thanked her for her patience and help by giving her a Canadian flag pin at the end. When I arrived at Temple 37, I can safely report that Marilyn Munroe is still alive and well in one of the ceiling panels that were painted by local residents.

The highlight of my day was when one of the guys that was on the ferry asked if he could sing a mantra prayer for me in the temple. Off we went to the temple and he did an amazing job singing the mantra. This is one of the things about this pilgrimage, it amazes me the people you meet and how they share their kindness.

After relaxing at the temple, I checked in. There was a beautiful Japanese pottery vase in the alcove of my room which I liked but would be way too heavy to carry.

3 thoughts on “2019-03-29: Day 15 – Temple 37

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    Thank you for the great blog entry…I loved seeing the ferry and the water it traveled on…also hearing about the kind man who sang a mantra for you…and the blossoms on the plant in your room and blossoming trees of course…
    Last night I watched a movie about Sherlock Holmes who turned 93 and traveled to Japan to find hire sansho/prickly ash which is a medicinal plant. I wonder if it really exists? The movie which is worth watching is called, Mr Holmes
    Wishing you a deep and peaceful sleep.


  2. One voice breaks the silence. Two voices fill space. What a powerful and spiritual moment to be asked to join a henro’s mantra chanting. ~linda


  3. Thank you Arnold for the great Temple 37 blog emtry, It was ice seeing the ferry and the water photos you took around the ferry and the beautiful pictures of the Cherry Trees. Also the kind man who sang a mantra prayer for you in the Temple,that was nice of him.When you check in there was a very beautiful Japanese pottery vase, Also a plant with beautiful colour flowers on it.
    It look like you had a very nice day Arnold ,love Mum (Cora)


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