2019-03-17: Day 3 – The big climb to Temple 12

After a good night sleep, my muscles don’t feel as sore. I am ready for my big climb, up a down three mountains to Temple 12. Breakfast was at 6 am and I started to walk at 6:35 am.

At the start of my climb I got to see a beautiful sunrise.

As well I was struck by these two statues so snapped a picture. The start of the climb is a miniature 88 temple with small buildings with statues in each.

Today was a day of making ohenro connections. Last night I met three ohenro from California. They were doing the ohenro for the first time. There names were Davide (originally from Sicily, not Italy), Joe and Cheyenne. I was able to give them some pointers about places to stay.

Then I have been running into a Japanese couple – Atsu Hiro and Nanomi. He told me he has a son living in Toronto and at Temple 12 showed me the many pictures he took when he visited Toronto. He to me he was seventy plus two. I was amazed how he was able to climb the mountain. He reminded me of my dad who loved to be in the woods.

As I was climbing I met Shu Ho So who was jogging up the mountain. He stopped and asked me where I was from. When I said Canada he told me he had lived in Vancouver for many years and spoke English well. His daughter went to the university of Ottawa. What a small world. One of the things I like is meeting the many people on the ohenro trail.

It was a cold climb and I had to keep putting on layers as the wind was so cold. I made it to Temple 12 before the rain started. While warming up at Temple 12 it started to rain and hail heavily for about an hour. The views during the climbs was amazing.

There were even some cartoon characters along the way to help guide us.

I wondered if it might be pokoman.

After the rain let up I hiked down the mountain to where I was staying. I was glad to have I nice hot bath after I arrived to warm up.

After a wonderful dinner I did this blog entry and early to bed as my muscles are so sore ( in a good way). So far no major muscle problems.

I enjoyed meeting the people today. I found how meeting the people that I have to be thankful for all the wonderful people I have met in my life, be it at work, volunteering, on trips, or where ever. How each person has enlightened my life. I am sure I will met more before my trip is over.

For now I must hit the sack, as my tired body is screaming at me to get some much needed rest.

4 thoughts on “2019-03-17: Day 3 – The big climb to Temple 12

  1. Dear Ohenro Arnie
    I pray that all the Buddhist saints be there to assist you daily and to safely carry you to your daily destination and back to your bed again…
    Best Wishes for a Blessed Sunday


  2. I enjoy reading your blog … so much. I was wondering if I could share it with my friends and my cousin Hélène as they will be following me to Japan and would certainly like to get a feel of your experience.
    You seem like being so comfortable in Japan … it appears to be your second country now.


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