Mt Fuji

Yesterday I completed my two day climb up Mt Fuji to see the morning sunrise. It was a hard climb up and down, however, it was spectacular. What s feeling when you climb above the clouds and look down at them.

It was kind of training for my Shikoku pilgrimage in October. We climbed to the 8th station the first day, where we had supper and headed off early to bed at the hut.

We were up at 2 am for the final climb to the 3776 meter level to see the sunrise. It was a hard climb in the dark and with the lack of oxygen it was hard breathing. Our entire group made it to the top. I couldn’t get good pictures on my smartphone of the sunrise, but the picture memory in my mind will stay with me forever.

Just as the sun was rising, there was a loud rumble. Our hiking guide was concerned of being an avalanche, but he said it was only a rock slide into the crater. It was like Mt Fuji was just thanking us to honor her in this time honoured Japanese tradition.

As we hiked around the crater after the sunrise at one point there was a perfect shadow of Mt Fuji. It was awe inspiring.

After walking around the crater, we hiked down to the hut we slept at for breakfast. The descent down was difficult as the trail was steep switchbacks with loose lava rock gravel. I slipped and fell 4 times. It was a good test of my pants, proved the importance of wearing gloves and having a walking stick for support. I wasn’t the only one falling.

To think I made it to the top was definitely an accomplishment for me. I can say I have never climbed to 3776 meters before for sure. Another thing off my bucket list.

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