2019-03-31: Day 17 – Temples 39 and 40

After a restful night, I headed off early to Temple 39, by train and by walking. Although it was a sunny day with a few clouds, the wind was bitterly cold when walking to Temple 39. It was hard to decide what layers to wear to keep warm but not sweat to much. I had to wear my feather down light weight cap, as the wind was so cold on my head and ears.

Even though the wind was cold, I came across this “sea of pink” flowers, near Temple 39, which made the cold morning walk worth it. It really brightened up my day and made me realize just to be thankful to be able to enjoy such beauty.Yesterday, I was suffering from a sore throat and couldn’t stop coughing along with a stuffy and running nose. I realized this morning that it was probably a mild cold from getting a chill a few days ago from the cold wind. I did some gargling with salt water and used Vick’s cough drops I brought. Last night I brought some other gargle stuff and used my Google translator to try to translate how to use it. I assumed it was for sore throat by the picture on the box. It seems to help. My sore throat has seemed to move down into my chest, so will take it easy today.The cherry blossoms at Temple 39 were very beautiful.The morning train was decorated with colorful paintings, which also helped brighten up the day.As the day went on, I thought it would warm up, but it didn’t. Here are some pictures of Temple 40.As I was putting on another layer (my Merino wool pullover) under my white ohenro jacket at Temple 40, a nice lady came up to me and said in English “Welcome to Japan” and handed me 500 yen. Before I could thank her properly she disappeared.

When I was getting my book stamped the monk was telling me of one of the passes that was closed and afterwards came outside to ask me where I was from.

As I waited for the bus to Uwajima, this little old lady came saundering down the street, pulling a bag on wheels. I was amazed how the traffic slowed down and went around her. I thought for sure she was going to get hit by a car. After I saw her check the bus schedule, I realized she was taking the bus and greeted her with konichiwa, I saw her check her watch and I think she said the bus was late ( by only a minute in my estimate), but to her it was late. I helped her lift her large bag with wheels on to the bus.

I was able to check into the hotel ok. It is a nice hotel connected to the train station. Here is a picture.All in all, a good day even though my nose was running from the cold and still had a bit of a cough.

4 thoughts on “2019-03-31: Day 17 – Temples 39 and 40

  1. Namaste Ohenro Arnie
    So sorry you are under the weather…I said a prayer for your health and healing…you need to be well for the pilgrimage…
    If you do see Joseph from Mumbai please say Sai Ram and tell him that Sai Baba is alive and well in Mudenahalli which is about 2 hours from Puttaparthi.
    The pink sea of flowers was amazing!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a deep peaceful and restful night sleep.


  2. Evenings Arnold, The other day, I sensed the you might be coming down with a cold. Be kind to yourself. The gargle box’s illustration was wonderfully clear. Who said, “A pictures worth 1000 words”


  3. So sorry you have that cold Arnold.take lot of rest for the next few days and Nurse that cold,less walking more taking the train and bus,if it’s bitterly cold don’t. Walk, the sea of pink flowers near Temple 39, are beautiful, you did a great job taking those photos of Timple 39 and 40,Take good care of that cold Arnold Love Mum (Cora)


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