Arrived safely in Tokyo

As they say “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong sometimes”. 

Everything was going well with the flight from Ottawa to Toronto going as planned. The flight from Toronto to Tokyo not so well.

After we boarded the plane and we’re pushing off from the gate, the pilot advised us one of the engines wouldn’t start. So they towed us back in and had maintenance look at it. It took two hours to resolved the issue and at one point it look like we might have to change planes.

The good thing is I got to meet this wonderful woman whose name was Maggie from Toronto. She said she had this sense the flight was going to be delayed. We had an interesting chat about everything, life, death, healthy living, favorite movies or TV shows. She was a nurse and I got this sense she loved her job and was very compassionate with dealing with patients. She reminded me of some of the lovely staff at Camp Hill that looked after dad.

Sometimes on flights you don’t talk to the person next to you on the flight. It was much more pleasant meeting Maggie. We even had a nice chat with the flight attendant sitting across from us during take off and landing.

I shared with her my plans to do the Kumano pilgrimage and my past Shikoku pilgrimages.

When I arrived in Tokyo I was able to get my data simm card and make my way to the hotel. The good thing about arriving later is I missed rush hour traffic on the Tokyo trains.

2 thoughts on “Arrived safely in Tokyo

  1. Dear Arnie
    Relieved you arrived safely despite the delay which did work to your advantage…
    Take care of yourself and may your angels surround you throughout your time away…


  2. Hi Arnold,
    Good story .. glad you were able to see the positive side of all this as it is very much worth it to have a delay to meet someone like Maggie. Here is was the Pumpkin contest, Manpreet and I had very much fun.


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